Course curriculum

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    • Class 1 - a / ā (short & long 'a')

    • Class 1 closeup

    • Assessment 1 (a/ā) - recognise the correct pronunciation

    • Answers - Assessment 1

    • Class 2 - i / ī (long and short 'i')

    • Class 2 closeup

    • Assessment 2 (i/ī) - recognise the correct pronunciation

    • Answers - Assessment 2

    • Class 3 - u / ū (long and short 'u')

    • Class 3 closeup

    • Assessment 3 - (u/ū)

    • Answers - Assessment 3

    • Class 4 - ṛ / ṝ (long and short 'ṛ')

    • Class 4 closeup

    • Class 5 - e / ai

    • Class 5 closeup

    • Assessment 4 (e/ai)

    • Answers - Assessment 4

    • Class 6 - o / au

    • Class 6 closeup

    • Assessment 5 (o/au)

    • Answers - Assessment 5

    • Test your learning

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    • Class 17 - Anusvāra Options. Part 1 - Varga nasals

    • Class 17 closeup

    • Class 18 - Anusvāra Options. Part 2 - Anunāsika

    • Class 18 closeup

    • Class 19 - Visarga Options

    • Class 19 closeup

    • Test your learning

    • Mantra Practice 2

    • Mantra Practice 2 closeup

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    • 5_1_Conclusion_latest

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Bonus1_Accents

    • Bonus2_Sudarśanāṣṭaka

    • Course exercises - complete PDF

    • Want this course in the Devanāgarī script?

    • More Sanskrit resources for you

    • Before you go...

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“I'm very much enjoying the Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation course. It has opened my eyes and ears and made me much more discerning, so much so that a course I was going to enrol for is now off the cards. Having heard that tutor speaking in Sanskrit I found I was 'seeing', or should I say 'hearing', errors. Nityananda makes the very best use of online teaching modalities to demonstrate so very clearly how Sanskit should be enunciated. As a language tutor myself, I think correct pronunciation in any language is very important.”

Jan Halle (UK, language teacher)

“It is simply the Sanskrit course that anyone interested in the subject has always hoped to find. Great quality both in the videos themselves and in the methodology followed during the course. Great job. I'm very happy.”

Juan Luis Garcia (Scotland, graphic designer / yoga teacher)

“I've been pronouncing Sanskrit words and verses for decades, every day, and still I've learned valuable lessons from this course.”

Jayadvaita Swami (USA, Hare Krishna monk/author)

“This is a very welcome course indeed, a 'saving grace' for all us (wannabe) Sanskritists, including the (too many!) well-intentioned folks who (try to) quote Sanskrit verses and make sometimes glaring mistakes. Well organized, systematic, delivered with heart and soul - a great way to get off on the 'right foot' (pada) of learning Sanskrit and making it part of our lives!”

Kenneth Valpey (UK, Research fellow @ Oxford Center for Hindu Studies)

“The introduction was clear, motivational, and helpful. All lessons include detailed explanations that are easy to follow and can hardly leave any doubt. It's also very helpful that we are able to interact directly with the instructor and send him our recorded verses for feedback. I am very impressed with the overall presentation of this course!”

Dr. Gustavo Moura (Brazil, Vedic educator)

“Down to earth for beginners. Excellent examples. Clear visual aid. Even those who are already familiar with Sanskrit pronunciation to some extent will appreciate the technical details of the subject matter and learn many more nuances. Mantra recitation exercises are very well chosen. Close up videos adds great clarity. Another great feature of this course offers is that it presents common traits of Tamil, Hindi, Bengali and English accents in Sanskrit. Instructor's regular feedback for the student is another inspiration. I really thank Nityananda Das for presenting such an organised course. It will certainly be of great to all sincere seekers in times to come.”

Chitta Hari Das (India, Gurukula educator)